Historic Moment and the Dawn of a New Day!

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Historic Moment and the Dawn of a New Day!


On February 27, 2016, United Consistory No. 1 was officially dedicated and consecrated under the banner and auspices of the New and Progressive United Supreme Council of DC. United Consistory No. 1 is the first Consistory to be chartered as such. What was a vision has now become reality.

During the dedication and consecration ceremony, GIG Fredrick Joyner was officially installed as the Illustrious Deputy for the Orient of DC. Illustrious Deputy Joyner then performed his official duty of installing the Officers of United Consistory. The following Fraters were installed as Officers for the ensuing year: Illustrious Commander-In-Chief GIG Joseph Dingle, Illustrious 1st Lieutenant Commander GIG Charles J. Garris, Jr., Illustrious 2nd Lieutenant Commander SP Neval McMullen, Illustrious Chancellor GIG Dwight Ausbrooks, Illustrious Minister of State and Orator GIG Edward Ridley, Illustrious Treasurer GIG John Hayslett, Illustrious Secretary and Keeper of the Seal and Archives SGIG Danny C. Miller, Illustrious Hospitaler SP Howard Payne, Illustrious Master of Ceremonies SP Anthony Bowser, Illustrious Engineer & Architect SP Vance Gilliam, and Illustrious Captain of the Guard GIG Clarence Watson. All remaining officers will be installed at the next rendezvous.

The genesis of United Consistory was borne out of the minds of Fraters who promoted the prosperity of service to God, Man, and Country. Their unwavering zeal and love for Scottish Rite Masonry coupled with their desire to reunite displaced and disenfranchised Fraters was the basis to petition the New and Progressive United Supreme Council of DC to form a new Consistory.

The name “UNITED” Consistory No. 1 of DC is taken from the word reunited. We have been separated and thanks to SGC Ralph Slaughter and et al, we are now reunited as members of the New and Progressive United Supreme Council of DC.

It is not enough for us to be merely reunited; we must be “UNITED” to accomplish the great ends of Masonry, to bind up the wounds that have afflicted our beloved Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, to eradicate the nepotism, cronyism and cynicism from the ranks of our illustrious organization and to cleanse the stain of despotic power and usurped privilege.

United Consistory No. 1 is the beginning of a new era in the Orient of Washington, DC and will continue to promote the tenets of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

We hope to serve as a sterling example for all to emulate.


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